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Fic: Ten Days

Title: Ten Days
Author: ealcynn
Rating: Teen (some disturbing imagery)

Summary: After that night at the pool, something changes. It takes Sherlock ten days to deduce what it is.

Within the Mind (1/1)

Title: Within the Mind (for piplover )
Author: [info]gabe1990 
Summary: Sherlock has made one of the biggest mistakes of his life and now he must pay the price.
Rating: T
Pairings/Characters: Sherlock/John; Mrs. Hudson, DI Lestrade
Warnings/Notes: Mentions of drug abuse and malexmale love. Written for Holmestice 2010.

(Even in his mild comatose state, he could hear the chaos of that was common in hospitals...)
Title: Fearful Symmetry
Pairing/Characters: John/Sherlock, Harry, Mycroft, Sarah, Mrs. Hudson, et al.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,500
Notes: For once, I'm posting a long piece of fiction in a single go. This story is primarily about John and Harry; it's the result of my longing for a story where she's more than just a walk-on. It's also set post-The Great Game (flashback to the pool included), so here be spoilers. And yes, it's inevitably about John and Sherlock, too.
Summary: Of nightmares, family, and forgiveness.

(Fearful Symmetry)
Title: The Shape I Found You In
Authors: irisbleufic & moony
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC 1)
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: R (possibly NC-17; this is debatable)
Notes: An epistolary post-TGG collaboration, the premise being that this is the first significant separation that John and Sherlock have experienced since becoming flatmates. irisbleufic is responsible for Sherlock's bits, moony is responsible for John's bits, and the rest of it is entirely down to improvisation on both sides. Mycroft is responsible for said separation, incorrigible bastard that he is.
Word Count: 7,500
Disclaimer: The writers do not own any of the characters, except for a few OCs.
Summary: In which Sherlock invades Sweden, John watches too much questionable television, Things Are Finally Talked About, and absence makes the heart grow odder.

(The Shape I Found You In)

A Study in Baker Street Zine


Writers, Fanficers and Artsy Holmes Fans!

A Study in Baker Street FanZine is seeking your submissions.
We are a brand new Zine that is looking for new or existing works to put in the publication. The aim of our first zine is to get it up and running, so for the sake of time, we're accepting existing submissions.
  • The only rule is that it must be Holmesian! This includes ALL incarnations of Sherlock Holmes (and Co.)
  • You can submit various contributions such as art, comics, essays, fanfics, crosswords, metas, reviews, cosplay pictures, just about anything.
  • We accept Gen, Het and Slash.
  • There will be a NSFW and SFW version, so there are few restrictions on what will be accepted.
  • Full credit will be listed to the contributors (and original creators).
For submission Guidelines click here!

If you have a contribution you would like included, please email the correct address listed below.

General questions can go to editors@astudyinbakerstreet.org or comment on the holmezine  comm.

Title: Profit and Loss (Part 3/3)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC 1)
Pairing/Characters: John/Sherlock, Mycroft, Moriarty, minor OCs
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Follows Drowning Man, Harbor, Profit and Loss (Part 1), and Profit and Loss (Part 2). This completes the third story in the series. Yes, there's a fourth story coming. At least. Every once in a while, I remember that I love long projects. I hope that this will hold you for now, however, as I've got to put this series on temporary hiatus in order to attend to my sherlockbigbang and help_pakistan stories!
Summary: Wherein Sherlock faces a reckoning for which he isn't prepared.

Profit and Loss: Part 1

Profit and Loss: Part 2

(Profit and Loss: Part 3)
Title: Profit and Loss (Part 2/3)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC 1)
Pairing/Characters: John/Sherlock, Mycroft, Moriarty, minor OCs
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Follows Drowning Man, Harbor, and Profit and Loss (Part 1).
Summary: Sex, tourism, and torturous phone-calls. Maybe even in that order.

(Profit and Loss: Part 2)
Title: Profit and Loss (Part 1)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC 1)
Pairing/Characters: John/Sherlock, Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Donovan, Anderson
Notes: Follows Drowning Man and Harbor. This is Part 1 of what will be, I think, a three-part story; I've never much liked making people wait if I know something's gunning for great length, so here: something to tide you over. Also, I'm trying to recover from severe sunburn and jet-lag, and I really will need the whole weekend to sort out the next part. If you're curious about the title, it's a banal reference to part of a text previously quoted (go fish).
Summary: Wherein complications arise and Mycroft proves to be a prodigious texter.

(Profit and Loss: Part 1)

fic: center of attention

Center of Attention
Jim/Sebastian . 933 words . PG-13 . spoilers for the great game . All of these things Sebastian saw in him, and all of them, on some level, he loved.

Oh, sure, take the fun out of it.

(oh god I don't even know what this is)

Fic: And Wait Without Thought

Title: And Wait Without Thought
Author: schweinsty
Rating: pg
Characters: Sherlock and John, Gen
Summary: Sherlock's thoughts when the bomb explodes are a whirlwind; John's, somewhat simpler.